A month ago I was washing dishes at my kitchen sink when I realized my eyes were closed.

The sun was directly in my pupils.

The thing is- we have a huge tree that shades most of our garden most of the summer, but this year it was shedding its flowers and not yet blooming for the whole month of May.

The result was apparent- or -not so apparent- when washing dishes.

I immediately thought of putting back the short curtains I had hanging there before- but they didn’t really solve the problem, so I decided that before rushing to the Amazon site, I would check the garden shed, where my partner keeps all kinds of things that aren’t immediately needed at home (small house . told you).

Truthfully- he would have happily stored everything at home, but I vetoed that saying I can’t find anything at home when everything is crammed and stuffed in the closet.

It wasn’t easy- but I won, after several instances when he was sure something was gone and I found it after a minute search. case proven.

Anyway- I went to the shed and found a closed set of IKEA curtains I didn’t even remember were there- bought about 18 years ago- when buying our house.

Now I am well aware that people tend to snob Ikea and say it’s cheap for a reason- but I totally disagree.

*I have nothing going on with Ikea, no affiliated nothings, not related to anyone there- I don’t even know anyone from Sweden. (sadly by the way.I did like ABBA as a teenager if it counts as a connection then I disclosed it).

All the furniture we bought at Ikea 18 years ago stands still and looks and functions great, so I will not board the snob train.

No shame in my opinion in getting simple clean structured furniture that also gives a bang for your buck, and since it isn’t that heavy on the purse, it’s OK to paint and repaint it and accommodate it to your changing needs.

Which is exactly what we did.

The curtains were plain creme colored, and had a special seam for inserting the curtain pole, which is fine- but the curtains were too long for our living room. see below: the curtains on the left- as opposed to the curtains on the right side.

Action had to be taken, so I bravely suggested sewing all of them by hand to accommodate the curtains to the sofas, but my partner had another idea.

He looked at the bottom of the curtains and noticed there was no seam there- probably to accommodate exactly our situation (the need to shorten the length and thus sew another seam), and suggested turning the curtains upside down, and that instead of sewing 4 large curtains- I will sew only 3 strategic points in every curtain- since the weight of the curtains will pull them down anyway- and the pretty seam will be apparent- while the no-seam will be transparent-since the upper hem of the curtain will be folded inwards-to make a new and wide curtain pole.

I know this may sound confusing- so I drew a picture of the scheme.

The point was to turn the intended curtain upside down and use the designed seam to our advantage.

But what about the kitchen you ask?

Oh- the kitchen got the previous curtains from the living room- folded in the middle- and sewed in 5 places as well- because these curtains were turned upside down too- I just folded and sewed the hem in a few strategic places, and now we have a double-layered curtain in the kitchen and “new” curtains in the living room- for 0$$ -because of the Ikea curtains form 18 years ago.

Lessons I learned?

  1. Sometimes you need to look at things upside down, out of your Matrix.

2. Although I am a minimalist- saving the curtain pack was a good idea- because it takes little to no space( neatly packed tight) and they were in good shape. I refuse to recommend saving old and non-functioning bits and pieces that “you might need one day”. sure you might need it- but even if you do find it -it won’t be useful anyway.

3. trees grow their leaves really fast. now the shade blocks the sun anyway.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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