First, I want to thank the Whatsapp inventors , because for me, as a class A introvert, the fact that I don’t actually have to speak with people- is such a treat.

I do 90% of my (almost non-existent ) daily communications -through Whatsapp- and prefer short , distant texts to “warm and heartfelt “phone calls- every time.

I don’t like talking on the phone- or face to face with people -because I know people do not appreciate hearing the truth . and the reason I know this. is because I have absolutely no desire to hear the truth either.

And I never mastered the art of “small talk”- or “fake emphatic talk” because I am an introvert and small talks and fake talks are similar to learning another language for me, and I need to tell you , in case you were unaware of the fact, that as you “mature”, your skills set does not develop.

Quite the opposite happens-to say the least.

As my grandmother used to say-“can’t teach an old monkey new tricks”.

I also have no patience for people who talk too much.

I think I deliberately chose a cheap phone just so I have the ultimate excuse to terminate phone calls by saying “this phone! can’t hear you properly! this phone isn’t built for talking!”

*There are exceptions -some conversations are very important to me-when one of my kids needs me to be there for them, or when I need to cheer my mother up .

But on a day to day basis-my relationship with Whatsapp is very good- I appreciate the huge benefits, and they have no idea who I am.

I mean- I could do without the “funny ” jokes sent by certain people ,certainly could do very well without that “group option” which for some strange reason encourages certain people to express themselves freely on the expense of innocent people.

But other than that- very rewarding.

And the best feature?

The “delete for everyone” button.

I really cannot recount how many times I wrote something I desperately felt was too much-uncalled for- unnecessary- the truth- not funny-

And wanted to take it back.

So I learned to be quick about it.

If you regret what you wrote in a 2 seconds time frame- you can”delete for everyone” almost 70% of the rubbish you wrote.

The only problem is-

They still haven’t managed a button that deletes the mere existence of a previous text, so sometimes you find yourself helplessly trying to explain what it was that you decided to delete.

Come on-WhatsApp engineers-

I know you can do it- make it possible for people like me to take back unnecessary comments without leaving any traces.

I believe in you people.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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  1. Work wanted me to add whatsapp to my phone and I refused, because I just don’t want all that technology and crap “funny” communication to wade through. So of course I am the last to hear about the booster jab, but still I did get to hear and await my invite via snail mail in my letterbox 🚪 or will be proactive in seeking to have it, using my work id card. If I didn’t work where I did, I’d put off having a booster. As I’m totally wanting the world to be vaccinated against this human created 🔬 KILLER of a disease. 🦠 🧫
    I can’t get over how nonchalant everyone is about more than a hundred people a day dying in the UK still now and so many more all over the planet. Official figures are only the tip of the iceberg.

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