I know- Pfizer+Moderna+Astra-zenica+ more labs are on it- soon everybody will be happily hugging sweaty people they barely know, and everything will be back to normal.


Us introverts, have believed in social distancing since the stone age, certainly before Covid began, so we needn’t change our non social habits just because vaccinations are in town.

I am not about to write what I have to say about these vaccinations, although I do have my opinion , lets just say I think each person should do his/her research , and decide based on their own parameters what is good for them.for that matter- regulating mandatory vaccination is not something I believe in. I do think-however- that those who choose not to take the vaccine- need to keep practicing the same routines as now- meaning wearing a mask and keeping 2 meters away -for the sake of people who cannot use the vaccine due to their immune system or other medical reasons.

On that note-

I think mastering the art of on line grocery shopping is crucial , and I believe it not only saves introverts from having to manage the whole “going out of the house ” production (yes, it is a production.), but mainly- saves a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of energy, and yields better results than regular grocery shopping.

How’s that? 

*1: you do your shopping from your couch, or desk at work- there is no need to start the car, drive over, find a parking space, in the shade, but close to the entrance, not too close to someone else’s car, so that when they stuff their car with their shopping bags, they wouldn’t accidentally scratch your car, or bump it trying to wiggle out of the narrow parking space.

(saving: gas costs, car repair costs, the time it takes to drive to and from the store).

*2: you do your shopping from your couch or work desk, where you can control the temperature surrounding you by opening the window, lighting a fire, switching the fan on, or even- if needed- using AC.


driving to the store in hot and humid temperatures can get you pretty messed up +upset, can get other shoppers upset- thus zero patience (+zero tolerance), if you bought ice cream or other refrigerator friendly products- the chances of them making it safely to your freezer are 0-0.1, thus making you even more agitated.

(saving: money spent on freezer needing products that lost hope on the drive back in the Sahara’s temperature car .possible wrinkles from all the agitation and anxiety)

*3: If you have kids, then you blu**d^ well know they like to sit quietly during shopping- as if all is well- but! when you get to the cashier! those marketing “geniuses” put all the little useless plastic toys /cheap chocolates/other useless if not hazardous stuff right in the face of your precious organic eating, lettuce-loving teddy bears- and in an instant, they become the nightmare described by Avenged sevenfold.

(saving: money, endless time spent building those wretched “toys”, cleaning up after they crushed them, and going to a therapist, trying to maintain your peace and quiet).

*4: If you are anything like me, then you absolutely have a list carefully made before you leave the store. sure you do! come on! the thing is- I seem to remember quite a lot of dishes I was intending to make- as soon as I pass some of the isles, resulting in cramming the carefully prepared list in the bottom of my shopping bag, and continuing “freestyle”!

(saving: a lot of money, a lot of products that “for sure will become a new quiche(!)” but ends in the compost bin. )


Here are my top tips on how to save time+money+energy- and enjoy homemade healthy cooking :

  1. The list! the beauty of online shopping is that you have your list ready to be altered every minute. no more driving home and “oops, forgot x,y, or z”. but- make another list- stick to your fridge door (for, well, obvious reasons), where you can write all those -“oh and I need extra celery to make that pea soup from that excellent blog:

The perfect pea protein!

make sure to add all those additions to your online shopping reservation, otherwise, you will have to swap another carrot for that celery.

2. About those coupons.

All I can say is tread lightly in this territory.

Unless you have a hugeeeee pantry, the expiring date is the year 2030, and the sale is preposterous.

In that case- go for it! what are you waiting for??

3. On the other hand- do you need to restock on beans and legumes? dates? olive oil? soaps? I don’t shy away from a good sale, but do remember all this stuff needs to be stored somewhere accessible- so don’t overdo it.

4. while on the subject of buying in bulk- do me a favor and check the sell-by dates once the groceries arrive, and before you put everything in place.

The reason being- that way you can not only return the products that are past their sell-by date-and get your money back- but also avoid falsely believing you have the ingredients to make the great breakfast from the above mentioned stunning blog :

Yummy healthy post-workout breakfast!!

only to find out, alas, that the oats are not in the best shape of their life.

5. Be sure to get your delivery when you have time and some energy to put things where they belong, otherwise- you won’t find anything a week later- causing unnecessary stress.

If you are a pro online buyer- then go ahead and peel your carrots and soak them in water -in the fridge. keeps them fresh for 2 weeks- even more- provided you change the water every 2-3 days. same goes for celery.


That’s enough for now-

Have a great new year and enjoy!

The cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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