If you are vegan/avid health freak/ curious George- than you couldn’t have escaped the pea protein craze.

Evidently, a lot of vegan protein powders are made of, mainly , pea protein.


I thought to myself-( I do that a lot. it’s definitely a good thing to befriend yourself, especially in times of social isolation- but not only then).

Why not go to the source?

Then I remembered I don’t particularly like pea soup.

I have no idea why.

I mean- now I do know why- and I have an urge to share this revelation with you.

Turns out I don’t like dried peas, that’s all.

I know, I know- I’m vegan, I’m supposed to love everything remotely resembling a legume.

But I don’t.

I don’t like quinoa, either. (in case you cannot go on reading without getting to the bottom of this strange dislike for the almighty quinoa- then here is a link to the explanatory post).

Sorry- dont like quinoa!

But- there is hope, so it seems.

As it happens- a few weeks ago I bought 3 packages of frozen peas, (huge sale in my online supermarket), and since I have this thing against keeping stuff for too long in the freezer, I got up and decided to make something with a large bag (OK, not that large- 800 grams )of frozen peas.

Rice and peas? ok-its tasty- but- what about some soup?

So I started the way I start every cooked dish- I diced fresh onions, garlic, peeled carrots, peeled potatoes, condiments, a dazzle of olive oil, salt&pepper.


I pan fried the lot for about 10-15 minutes- until the carrots were tender. then added the bag of frozen peas, and stirred every minute or so- let it fry for a good 10 minutes or so- then added boiling hot water, a little bit of coconut cream , and when everything was nice and ready- used my hand mixer to blend everything to a soft consistency.

This is my hand mixer, next to the all time favorite apple sauce.


Don’t get discouraged- this might look a bit odd- but I assure you the taste is great.


This yummy soup is not only super healthy , but is also creamy, satiating, warming, comforting, and I think that’s about it. 

A cup of Fresh peas ( not the soup- but the peas themselves) contains 124 calories (that’s practically nothing! this is like a medium apple !) , 22 grams of carbs, 8 (!) grams of fiber (that’s a wow, mind you), and 8 (!!!) grams of protein. aside from that- they contain antioxidants, vitamin A, folate, manganese and more. 

Here is a certified link to assure you of the above data.  


I have 3 things to say:

1.No wonder so many protein powders use peas as a main source of protein.

2. this soup is so filling and comforting, you will be grateful you made it when you’l look for your lunch on a chilly autumn day in the office.

3. I wondered whether frozen peas are as good as fresh peas, and my My online research on the subject concluded that there is no significant difference- since the freezing process keeps the freshly picked peas in good condition, whereas the time that passes between the farmer picking the peas and you actually enjoying them- is many times not a short while

But! if you are one of those dream gardeners that grow peas, or have any kind of access to one of these people-

Well then. 

You know what to do.  


1:toasted leftover bread.



2.home made spelt TORTILLAS. (easy recipes are available online).



3. bulgur.

4. coriander/parsley + homemade toasted nuts.



Who said vegans don’t enjoy great -healthy -protein packed food???

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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