Apples are a favorite of mine.

I absolutely think fruit is nature’s fancy cakes, and I am risking being labeled as a douch/purist/hippie/all 3 together-and I don’t give a f%^&.


I am a true skeptic, and almost everything in life-in my opinion is to be seriously doubted and double, if not triple-checked before implementing or believing.

Everything- except fruit.

Fruits are, well, you already know that don’t you? the most nutritious, healthy, tasty, nurturing, sustainable, cheap(in season, in the long run, and compared to other manufactured sweetened stuff, especially if you consider the significant cut in health care cost).


So- this time I am celebrating the apple season (fall), and urging you to consider the benefits of apples even during colder weather when all you want is something hot +savory. and sweet. 

Since, sadly, I don’t have an apple tree, I buy my apples, along with all my other groceries, online. 

Now buying online has many many benefits, especially these days, but it has its downfalls, and since I don’t handpick my fruits, sometimes the apples come with a bump, that progresses as time progresses. plus- sometimes an apple that looks great from its exterior, is, alas, rotten on the interior. (don’t judge an apple by its cover etc). 

And sometimes people just don’t crave apples as much as they did a week ago-

Anyway- there can be a number of reasons why you would have a bunch of (very) ripe apples that need tending to- asap. 

I buy green apples in my supermarket, specifically for making apple sauce since I simply love that thing. 

Apparently, in my supermarket, they cost 30% less than red apples, so win-win there. 

Of course- needless to say- if you have any access to an apple tree- or an apple tree owner, or family member- get going. 

Oh almost forgot the headline:

Apple sauce, among other great benefits -is a great substitute for oil in baking recipes!!

Check me out in case -for some strange reason- you need to check everything anyone tells you (in which case-good job! guess we have something in common).

Here is a link-

(just picked a site that agrees with me- pick another one just to make sure).

But that’s not all! (oh the excitement. )

Apple sauce is also considered a decent replacement for eggs

in vegan baking.

I have to admit, I usually replace eggs with the traditional “flax egg” thing: (1 tbsp ground flax mixed with 3 tbsp water, after 10-15 minutes it becomes quite smooth and does the job of incorporating and uniting dry goods, but always up for more interesting options, especially if they add a nice apple taste.

If you don’t mind splashing oil around and bathing in eggs, you can still enjoy a good apple sauce, mind you. 

Because fall is around the corner, and, just for instance-  my preferred breakfast changed from ice cream smoothies to oat power bowls, with a side of apple sauce and some vegan yogurt. 

But this seems to have been going on too long -so I’ll just tell you quickly how to get yourself a yummy frugal homemade healthy  apple sauce, and how to keep it on hand for baking purposes:

Simply peel a few apples, cut them, put in a pan, add a little bit of water- just until the apples get settled, a bit of cinnamon, (maybe nutmeg?), a little bit of salt, and a few grains of sugar (if you went for the green apple-it’s a bit sourer) or- if you prefer -a pear instead of sugar (yes I mean that- try it!), or some homemade date spread, and let simmer for 15-20 minutes on low. then mash it with a fork or don’t mesh at all, and store in the fridge -keeps a few days. 




Now- should you want to use it for future baking- 

Then simply mash it up nicely with a hand mixer, and freeze in a silicone mold, then when it’s all frozen- move to the bag. 


For those who can’t see the justification for peeling a good apple out of its perfectly great nutritious skin (I really can’t understand that peeling thing. and it takes time too! what??) simply skip that part, let simmer, and everything-but- there is a small catch here– if you want to use the apple sauce for baking, then use the almighty hand mixer ( mine is a Braun one, does a great job, I get nothing for saying that, which is sad, yet true. if you have any other king- use it, if you don’t have one- what??? it is a basic super frugal useful utensil, I use it every day and I mean every friggin day- at least twice daily!) and the result will be a smooth healthy great-tasting apple sauce- peel included!


Enjoy- the cooliflower. 

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.


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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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      1. I did plant some of the trees. I recommend guerilla gardening (FFS why can I not spell guerrila, guarella, come on why the underline in red! gueurilla, geurilla, seriously, guerilla, guarrella, now I’m wanting to act like a guarilla “oooh AAARR ARRR ARRR!” Anyways, gardening in public places that are spare and planting trees hither and thither (how come I can spell hither and thither and not guerrella). Oh well {{{sigh}}} can’t be perfect at everything.

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