Lately, wherever I go ( admittedly- just a few places, introvert, told you), I see this widely spread phenomenon:

people think it is ok to wear their masks on their chins, instead of, well, you probably know by now the proper way to wear a mask, in order to try and minimize the risk of catching-or transferring- viruses- specifically these days- that COVID 19 thing.

I am aware I am not a health professional, but I think it reasonable to believe that viruses do not spread nor enter your body- only by contacting your chin.

And yet- there are people all around protecting their chins.

This reminded me of the epic “Seinfeld” episode where George becomes a “hand model”, and protects his hands from any potential harm.

(do yourself a favor- just write “Seinfeld hand model” on google- I promise you a few good minutes of absolute laughter- and what can be better than that?)

Back to the point- this chin protection plan isn’t funny nor brings pride to their carrier.

I have a genuine problem with the fact that many people do as they are told without understanding the reason behind the rule.

I am aware that many young people are under the notion that this pandemic doesn’t concern them- and even if that will prove to be the case -(when it is time for meta-analysis of the stats, not right now)- there is fact-based evidence that shows that many many people can be carriers of the pandemic and show no signs of illness, therefore making their walking around mask-less or chin-masked- disastrous for elderly people or people with the compromised immune system.

I really am fond of being healthy and active, and would prefer not to catch anything if I can help it- so I bought reusable face masks 3 months before the pandemic was even discovered, because usual, regular, known flu was coming .

I remember that when I had my routine bloodwork done at the beginning of January when nobody was seriously contemplating anything as big as the pandemic, I wore my mask to the doctor’s office- I can tell you I got stared at and had to explain my behavior and apologize if anyone was offended.

How things change.

I do wish I bought shares in that company then. I would have made a bundle.

I wish people would be a bit more proactive about their health and monetary situation, without waiting for some government official somebody to go on tv and tell them what to do.

Elderly people here are- at least many of them – scared of going out, meeting their family and friends, going to the activities they used to enjoy- even if those activities are back to business again.

They are scared because they know many people don’t give a da*&, and they are absolutely right.

Research has shown that being kind and thoughtful makes your day much better.

Lift your masks from your chins when going out. wear them proudly and properly- not only for your sake- but for others.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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  1. I admit to walking between clients in the fresh air taking DEEEP breaths, with my mask dangling on one ear and my face shield turned upside down like a see through crown. Never near others, as also always using clean gloves on arrival and a fresh apron. The amount of plastic I’m currently going through is alarming, but needs must.

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    1. I totally agree- the disposables have ,sadly, gone back to “pre greta” times, not to mention the infatuation with gels and other substitutes for simple soap and water…and there is a huge difference between a momentary deep breath in solitude, and roaming in crowded places chin masked, in my opinion anyway.perhaps if people’s concern wasn’t getting caught and paying a fine, but the welfare of others, it would make a better incentive to properly wear the mask.thank you for reading and commenting!

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      1. I’ve not always been able to fathom my own thoughts, let alone the thoughts of others (especially when there’s so many). Why we do the things we do? Sometimes I get a peek at it and realise how little control us humans have over our reactions as a whole, especially in a crowd. It takes concentration skills not everyone has learnt not to go into self only protection mode.

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  2. I agree! It’s so sad seeing people not taking any of this seriously.
    I do what I can but I’m scared as our government doesn’t take timely action (imo, at this moment).
    It seems to be such a mess!

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