Today I want to discuss something truly magnificent, that is definitely one of the holy grails of early retirement:

The nap.

You know, that short up to 50 minutes sleep in the middle of the day (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!????????!!-etc)


So immoral and unproductive.

Doesn’t get you closer to your goals .

Doesn’t check anything off your to do list.

(Unless you have “nap at 11″ written there.)

You stop being a part of society and get lost in self-indulgent anarchistic sleep.

And let’s be honest about it-

You are all aware that it doesn’t really end there.

It’s not that you ” take a 45 min break, only to be back more invigorated and super powerful after it, and be so concentrated that it makes up for those lost minute and then some more:”.


People: After a nap you need at least another 50 minutes to recover from the nap.

Sure, I’ve heard of “power naps”, but I mean really-

How relaxed can you be after x minutes of trying your best to relax on your office chair, with your head slouched on your office table?

People are bound to interrupt, because their emergency is very important, more than your poor nap, and even if they don’t interrupt, you are absolutely sure that they will, so you can’t actually relax and enjoy that nap.

I’ve never succeeded in power napping in my office.

That was not a place of say the least.

So Why nap?

Well, first of all, because it is so much fun.

I mean, I love sleeping.

Actually, I believe I love sleeping as much as I love eating, and that means I really love it.

secondly, I wake up early.very early.

Like 3-3:30 am.

Some days I wake at 4 and I feel, oversleeping!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not sleep deprived.

I simply go to bed at 20:00 max.

Although 7 hours a night is pretty reasonable, still, at around 10-10:30 am, I have this “excuse me, I am feeling tired” kind of feeling.

Sure, I can write tons of excuses here; By then I’ve already worked out, meditated, cleaned the house, not to mention ( why not mention? here I go mentioning!) eat a hearty breakfast+ a snack.or 2.

And yet, to be honest, I’m sure that had I been at work, I probably wouldn’t have collapsed or anything, but here’s the thing;

This is one of the greatest priviledges of early retirement, not having to be , well, at work.

So I nap.

And then I have a quiet cup of coffee.

And I think how grateful I am to have that privilege of napping in the middle of the day.


there are researchers (there are always researchers mind you so don’t get excited) that found that this is beneficial for your body, and more so for your mental well-being.

You can go ahead and look for yourselves.

The thing is, it’s not that the second part of my day ( meaning post nap) is so energized.

I am a morning person, and no nap in the world will change this.


I have a much more pleasant time in those post nap hours.

And for me- this is a lot.

If you work at home, or paid your dues to society and retired , or you are a frugal beast that saved and slaved for this exact cause: early retirement, and if you happen to be considering retirement, and for some reasons you aren’t sure this is a good idea, though financialy you can definitely do it:

Well then I have only one word for you:

N a p.

Enjoy, the cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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