I believe it’s time for another fun round of ” how to save $$$ so retirement won’t take that long”.

#1: Diy healthy +frugal sugar substitute: your very own organic raw Medjool date spread!

My partner got his blood work results and was reluctant to share, so I figured it was not the greatest results you could get.

After some convincing, he told me the results shoed high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, to the level that us indicative of prediabetes.

My MIL is diabetic, and this is a serious indicator of other health issues too, such as heart disease, so even he was suddenly concerned.

I wasn’t surprised since up until that moment my partner’s approach to food (and Life) was the classic YOLO approach:

“I’ll eat what I want and do whatever I want to do with my time and my money since “you only live once”.”

He loves pizza, and so I learned to make homemade pizzas in hopes that at least I can eliminate the additives and who knows what ingredients they put in store-bought frozen pizzas.

But that didn’t help at all, because now he had all the pizza he wanted close by, fresh and seemingly “healthy”, since it was homemade…

He also loves bread and baked goods, so every weekend:

I let him be, (after failing at the nagging option…he is no one to nag to), and the test results were finally the wake-up call he (and I) needed to get him back on track.

*He is blessed with a lean figure, though the pizzas and buns were starting to show off as belly fat.as is common when you pass the “50” gate.

So he simply cut gluten and sugar off his diet and hasn’t stopped since the beginning of August.

I, naturally, was on board, and introduced the world of legumes and oatmeal to him.and yogurt.

I used to buy organic date syrup, and drizzle it freely on desserts, thinking it was not proper sugar, it’s date sugar.

But then I researched a bit and discovered that throughout the process of making date syrup, many of the date nutrients are squeezed out, and you are left with mainly the sugary carbs that make it taste so good…though it is not as bad as regular white sugar, for sure.

Read here why: (remember my disclaimer)


So I took their offer and made my own date spread.

It takes about 3 minutes of “work”, and the result is healthier ( all the fiber and nutrients of the dated are still there no worries), no added preservatives, you know exactly what kind of dates your spread is made of, you can buy the dates in bulk , on sale, and make it even a cheaper option, plus, it isn’t so concentrated, so it’s not as sweet as the store-bought solan or syrup, so it allows you to go easy on everybody’s sweet tooth and habits, should you have the strange desire to do so.

The process is simple: pit 15 organic Medjool dates. Soak in warm water for 15 minutes. The water should just about cover the dates. Don’t discard the water, they go along with the dates!

Place dates +date soaking water in the blender : (my Vitamix is my dear dear friend, truly. but for this, I use my Braun hand mixer, easier to clean. Unless I am about to make a smoothly right afterward, in that case, I use the Vitamix and do not bother to clean the date mess, since dates are a welcomed addition to every proper smoothy worldwide). blend for 30 seconds on high. EST voila.

I use this spread as a substitute for sugar in everything. On yogurt, with raw tahini as a sweet spread, in pancakes, cookies, cakes, even when I need to balance a tomato sauce’s acidity – I add 1/2 a tsp of the date spread instead of the usual sugar.

My partner hasn’t done more blood tests since, so I hav3no idea if his blood sugar is balanced yet, but he lost all the belly fat And says he feels much lighter now – and his runNing has improved.

#2: squeeze it like you mean it:

Ok come on you already know this one, it’s a basic 101 frugal tip. Squeeze your toothpaste before throwing. But I am here to tell you that even when you lose hope, and you are certain you squeezed the life out of it, it can miraculously give you 2 more weeks of paste! I was amazed when this happened to me and immediately thought:” well this is something to write about!”. And took a picture to prove my point.

#3: Why bother buying fancy microfiber towels? Simply declutter your closet!

I am aware people out there are making millions from fancy cleaning products, but not on my budget.

If we are being honest, 99% of the wiping we do with the super absorbent fancy microfibers is simple dirt that can b3 absorbed with recycled paper towels too.

By the way, I am not absolutely sure it isn’t more environmental and frugal to use recycled paper towels, the white ones that can be thrown into the compost afterward (so long as it wasn’t used to absorb toxic or oily stuff of course).

which one is better??

Anyway, since autumn winds are blowing and all that, it’s time to check the closet and make sure your clothes are in good shape and form and fit you and your current fashion style.

Check that they don’t need mending -if they do= take a needle and thread and simply mend them. it is possible- img_20190828_1307121037662940218476493.jpg

and the clothes that do not fall into those categories- well- if they are in good shape- give away or donate, and if not- cut them into cloths. and fold them nicely so you can grab one whenever you need a quick wipe.

img_20191001_1036086212382978005980462.jpgSure- it’s not the most absorbent material on earth, for sure not as absorbent as specifically manufactured microfibers- but again- how many times do you really need a heavy-duty absorbent cloth? I am sure you have a few of these at home from the last new year’s resolution to clean more efficiently. ( I know I do..)

told you- easy +frugal.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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