Wait- before you get all excited and think I’m a hero and a grade A + frugal warrior: full disclosure- I take cold showers only in the summer+fall, I live in a (very) hot place, and since we have lots of sun and solar panels, I can spoil myself rotten and enjoy about half of the shower using hot water-with no additional cost.

I do not take cold showers in the winter time yet- though this is definitely on my bucket list- so to speak. I wish I were a strong-minded brave hearted enough person to take cold showers in the winter.

But first- let’s address the why would I choose to use cold water in the shower when all I have to do -at summer time- since as I said we have solar panels that use the solar free energy to warm up the water- is let the water run for two minutes in the shower until they warm up?

If you are a frugal and an environmental enthusiast- I believe the answer was right there in the question.

Because I can’t stand to see precious water running with no use for even a few seconds, let alone a minute or 2.

I tried using the bucket system- frankly- carrying that heavy bucket out of the shower and watering outside right after every shower I took- well….not a yay.

But- there 5 (!!!) added benefits to this method, and they are:

#1: the philosophical point of view: 

Being an avid believer in stoicism, it was imperative for me to adapt to fairly uneasy conditions- out of my comfort zone, to fully embrace the concept that materialism is not to be relied on, and should not be your goal, on the contrary- and this brings me to #2:

#2: always be prepared:

I don’t mean 10,000 bean cans in the garage, I mean there may be times -for instance, while traveling- that you will have no hot water in the shower.

Right now this is the only example I can think of that isn’t a disaster kind of situation-maybe a limited power cut and you have just finished a long workout – there -I found another one- and a realistic one nonetheless.

Why not let your body get acquainted with the experience in advance?

#3: It is said to be good for your skin:

I believe it has something to do with closing open pores and enhancing blood flow, but I am no expert. I can only tell you that in my experience- here comes #4-

#4: This is really nice- once you get used to it.

I am no masochist I can tell you that and I like it nonetheless.

Sure- it stuns you at first and you feel like swearing (ok- I feel like swearing, you would feel like knitting pink socks for a newly born), but after a few seconds you suddenly find out you are smiling ( ok- I am smiling- you will be swearing).

#5: well yes- the frugal point- can’t avoid it if you wish to retire early. 

Water going to waste= money down the drain. 

Money down the drain=less money in your savings account. 

Less money in your savings account= more time on the job.

Simple as that.

Please don’t tell me “it’s only small money”, and your “comfort is nothing to dismiss” and all that

#1: there is no such thing as “small money”. 

If you didn’t understand it by now- you must be lightyears away from early retirement.

small money has this strange tendency to always add up, and eventually, become big money- and creep up on you by surprise.

Kind of like calories and *”cheat meals” whatever that is.

*(who are you cheating???-it’s you and your body, wake up and be responsible for what you eat, eat whatever-whenever- just don’t think you are cheating anyone- especially not your clever body. )

#2: about your comfort- you are absolutely right- but getting out of your comfort zone- is a great way to expand that zone.

So why not in the winter too?

great question, and as I said- this is a mental barrier I haven’t crossed yet. mind you that I definitely believe this is a mental issue and not a physical one since I believe the body can definitely benefit from cold showers any time and this- as many changes- only take some adaptation.

I am planning on trying this winter, not promising succession- I love a good hot shower in the winter.

I never claimed to be a grade A+ frugal warrior.

enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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