I read a great post yesterday by the vegan homesteader about the importance of adopting your animal friends instead of buying them. here is the link to the post: the vegan homesteader post

That great post inspired me to tell the story of how we didn’t adopt our beloved dog- he adopted us.

We moved to our house 14 year ago.

We were still grieving the loss of our former dog- Rocky-that had died of cancer a few months before. Rocky was adopted from a dog shelter and had a fetish for fighting with other male dogs- and cats as well. taking him for a walk was not an easy job to say the least..but other than that he was an amazing dog.

A few weeks after our arrival at our new home- a small black puppy arrived at our back yard. we had no idea where he came from, no collar and no tag, the vet didn’t know him and no one was looking for him.

We looked at him -It was love, at first sight, he was the cutest thing ever.

The puppy was named by my children- all 3 of them Harry Potter fans- “Sirius “- after Sirius black – not forgetting that “Sirius” is the star of dogs and the shiniest star out there in the galaxy!


He definitely is a star,

He is now more than 14 years old ( he has been with us for 14 years and came when he was a few months old) and until recently wouldn’t miss a trail run for anything.

He is getting older now and sadly cannot run as he used to- which grieves both him- and us.

He is a true and loyal friend and a member of the family, we all love him very much.  I can tell you that whenever anyone is feeling down -giving Sirius lots f loving stroking and hugging- automatically makes him feel much better. he has a way of sensing our mood and just being there for us- quietly and gently.

Here are the cats that adopted us as well-


The young mother came to our back yard pregnant and gave birth up on our tree house.

I am not much of a cat person ( definitely a dog person), but this young mother intrigues me- she takes such good care of her kittens that I simply found myself bringing them food and water- and although she is suspicious- ultimately she eats and drinks what I leave her.

And last but not least-

this is Nalla-though I think she should have been named Bowie. (look at her eyes)

My daughter and her spouse adopted her from a shelter and she has been having a great time with them ever since.


This is Nalla on her new bed.


If you are up for the responsibility and the challenge, and if you are ready to love and be loved unconditionally- I am joining vegan homesteader’s call -and urge you to adopt- not shop.

enjoy- the cooliflower.






















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  1. Beautiful critters! By the way, I’m not sure where you live, but where I am there’s a program through the local Humane Society called TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release). The goal is to help the population of stray cats decrease over time, so you could get them neutered/spayed and then release them back outside. Just a heads up if that’s something your interested in for those outdoor kitties of yours. 🙂

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