I understand that we cannot prepare for every possible thing life arranges for us- I wish we could.

Being a control freak, having 100% certainty in life would have made me a very chilled person- (or perhaps I’d arrange something else to worry over..)

But- I believe we can definitely mitigate the possible outcome of life’s “surprises” with due preparation.

One of the important ways- in my opinion- to be prepared frugally– for many possible situations- is by being constantly in good shape.

I believe both genders should be prepared and keep in shape- but I also believe there is a strong feminist side to being in constant good shape:

Many women in my experience, tend to prioritize their workout schedule at the end of their to do list- and some don’t even put exercising on the list to begin with.

Many women carry high school traumas from not being a good athlete (I know I did), some start a family and devote all their time to spouse- children- taking care of the house- work, and find themselves crashing in front of the tv at the end of every day, and should they have a precious relaxed day/going on vacation- well then I often hear women say that working out is considered a punishment for them and they refuse to inflict self punishment on vacations.

This is a pity since research has shown that keeping in good shape is much more am energy giver than a taker. in my opinion watching tv and eating chips can result in your being much more tired than doing an hour of yoga (go down dog app! free and great! here is the link:  great yoga app.)

I believe that mind-body connection works both ways: keeping your body strong and in shape, can inflict largely on your mental situation , and being confident of your physical abilities can strengthen your self-esteem.

Practicing yoga has made me meet many challenges- keeping my posture while standing in airplane pose: (read link and thank you yoga.u.online for the clear explanation: airplane pose- yoga.u.online),  

Trying to do crow pose, (haven’t succeeded yet -fell on my head this morning trying to nail it but will keep on trying!), and moving from one pose to another in a gentle flow.

Being flexible can prevent you from suffering serious injuries should you accidentally fall or lose your balance.

Swimming is an essential preparation tool in my opinion. you can never know when you might be in a situation where knowing how to swim well might literally save your life. and even without being so dramatic- swimming (correctly) can take the load off your lower back and keep you engaged in your workout routine.

Running is a basic prehistoric flight motion- when in a dangerous situation- it’s good to be able to run away from it. did you watch “marathon man ” with Dustin Hoffman? a classic.

Being in good shape can keep you away from the doctor’s office-both currently- and in the future, you can clean your house and work in the garden (saves a ton of $$$!) and all those endorphins that run in your blood can get you closer to being actually happy!

So what about that frugal massage ?

I personally could never really relax during a massage. I know some people swear by it but I can’t connect. sorry. maybe it’s my introvert side, maybe it’s the control freak that cannot let go- maybe it’s both.

A few years ago I bought this roller for a few $$ on ebay, and ever since every time my back or shoulder blades show signs of stress- I immediately roll over so to speak. no need to leave the house and get  almost completely undressed in front of a complete stranger. and be touched by him/her.


enjoy- the cooliflower.

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