Ok the following tips are not for the weak hearted. only you frugal warriors, that fear nothing, that have  mission, set a goal, they are pure hearted and don’t beat around any bush- only you can keep on reading. the rest- well go think about how to upgrade your frugal being. the day is not over yet! 


#1: Re-using envelopes for paper notes.

I notified every major company I need to be in touch with that I prefer getting my mail via Gmail, but some are persistent on living in the dark ages of paper print. well I fear not, ant cut every envelope to 4 pieces and re-use it as memos. (when you reach 50 you will discover that there is no such thing as too many memo reminders. and yes- I do use my phone Calender too, thank you for asking).



#2: making my own facial toner:


*This tip comes with the usual warning and disclaimer I wrote in my first or second post. I am no doctor, no dermatologist or cosmetic expert or anything remotely close to these professions. if you choose to use these tips-as any other tip I so generously give for free on this blog- you are doing it on your own responsibility and hopefully after using your g brain to contemplate it. my skin reacts really well to this- some might not react as well. test it on some hidden area of your body to check where you stand on this situation. oh and genetics can’t predict any thing- I love using pure coconut oil on my face where my daughter developed a rash the instant the oil touched her face so.

So -simply mix part acv (apple cider vinegar, organic, unstrained, “with it’s mother”-again can’t stand involving it’s mother)with 2 parts water in a spray bottle and use it like a toner pro would. meaning a few tmes a day. I keep my bottle in the refrigerator just to be safe .

I have a habit of drinking a daily glass of hot water infused with 1-2 tbsp of this acv, and it seems to agree with me -but again- use your brain and don’t complain.

#3: I take my wheel barrel and a pair of gloves and we go pick up cow manure from the dairy barn close by. I use it to compost the trees before winter.


*Every time I go there the calves come to check who I am and I pat them on their cute heads and wonder when will mankind stop thinking they are superior to these innocent creatures and stop killing them for their meat.

#4: I make an effort to fix /amend torn or broken stuff. sometimes the outcome is even nicer (in my opinion) than the initial product!

take this gym bag for example:

It’s zipper tore after a year of extensive use, but I feared not, took out my button collection ( I collect un used buttons just in case, and here was a case) and sewed 4 buttons on one side of the bag- and some wide elastic rubber I had in my sewing stuff to the other side of the bag/ cut button sized holes in the elastic rubber and voila. the bag is alive and kicking for a few months now.


#5: I make my own clay mask from french green clay . this tip is under the same warnings and disclaimers as the toner tip/ this stuff might not agree with your face-it does with mine but that’s just me. consult and check if you are allergic or anything before using.

I buy french green clay on eBay, and every week I take a tea-spoon of the dry clay in my hand, add a few drops of water and smear my face like a mask pro/ I let it dry -but I am careful not to over do it- this stuff can dry your face like the Sahara desert so be cautious. after rinsing this off I always lather my face with the simple and cheap  baby facial cream I use at night.

20181031_080202.jpg#6: I make my own deodorant: (thank you wellnessmama.com for a great recipe!)

I’ve been using this stuff for bout 2 years now- I t works better than the ordinary deodorant I had, and costs much less+this is organic -all vegan -no cruelty product.


click the link for the how to.

natural deodorant wellnessmama.com

#7: I make my own granola- without turning on the oven .


I am aware many frugals make their own granola- this is definitely one of the products that not ony saves a lot of $ when making at home, but is very easy to make- and to control the exact content of  your mix. some might prefer macadamia others dislike raisins, you know.

I used to bake my granola in the oven, which was easy in the winter, but annoying in the midst of summer. also why heat up the whole oven for a tray of granola?

So I started frying my granola in a pan on the stove, instead.

I take a bag of walnuts, a bag of almonds, a bag of sunflower seeds, a cup of oatmeal and some raisins, I grind each ingredient by itself in my Braun hand mixer (why the separation you ask? because each ingredient has its own consistency and I’ve found out (the hard way) that when mixing during the grinding stage you are left with walnut dust and whole almonds) , turn the gas on and mix every thing in the pan with a little coconut oil. I keep tossing it all through the frying process otherwise it might burn and this is not tasty at all. I add a little brown sugar or agave syrup , some chia seeds,  sometimes some cinnamon , and when it tastes like heaven- I let it cool down and send it to wait its turn in the freezer. this stuff freezes really well so fear not . the only downside to this is that it is too yummmmmmy- and has a high caloric value so don’t over do it. moderation is a definite goal.

Ok that’s enough secrets for now, enjoy- the cooliflower.










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