Preparing for winter ( see I dodged the oh so obvious “winter is coming” title) and a recipe for super great brown rice!

Winter is coming (ha ha so funny bordering hilarious) and we are preparing for it by  making sure our house is rain proof and leak proof, the pantry is full and the wood is waiting for the fire-place. (I don’t believe the wood is waiting for anything to say the truth, least of all to go into the fireplace but that life).

*We had our roof fixed and sealed (it cost a 1000$ but tis is a must so).

*I collected wood all summer long and my partner cut it to pieces with his (electric)saw.


I ordered 10 bags of beans (checked which beans were on sale and bought those, of course), and the same with other winter essentials such as lentils, rice, and ginger.


I cut the ginger mentioned above to pieces and placed in a mason jar– to go wait their turn in the freezer. I discovered ginger freezes really well and keeps in the refrigerator only a week /two top-so if you are a ginger user- go ahead and invest some time in preparing ahead, and if you aren’t a ginger user- what re you waiting for???? ginger with lemon and hot water-could anything be nicer /healthier in the winter? 20181028_171223.jpg

We put a window sealer on our pretty old wooden windows.

this stuff is used in sealing pools so we were assured it’s good. and it only cost 3$ a tube -which we used for quite a few of our windows. 20181028_171518.jpg

it’s the gray stuff you see smeared around the glass.

* I batch cooked brown rice. 

well ok I do that regularly but also in winter time so. I just had to share my super great and tasty recipe for cooking brown rice- which is not everybody’s favorite due to its very distinct flavor  .

*pre soak 2 cups of brown rice in water for an hour-two. rinse ( the water can and should be used to water plants /house hold chores) .

*fry the mentioned soaked rice with 3 tbsp of canola oil (or ny other good vegetable oil) and 1 tbsp of coconut oil.

*Yup- so much oil. I know. this makes the difference in taste sorry to say. I can tell you this rice is very filling and you don”t have to eat 10 bowls of it to feel full. and I can also say that I don’t eat rice every day, and I can say that some oil is said to be good for you but you know- do whatever suits you and if this is too much oil for you then fine- try to use less or move on to the next post . or do anything else you want to do. if I can suggest you can meditate or do some yoga or read a book. no need to make such a fuss about some rice- even if it is brown. 

* add 2 tsp salt and 3 cups of boiling water to the pan- and add 1 cup of soy milk (you can use any kind of non dairy milk actually- I used soy but whatever.

*let simmer on low with lid on  untill the water is gone and the rice is fully cooked. if the water is gone but the rice still diesn’t tasre ready- add some boiling water and wait a little.

when ready leave it alone with the lid on for 10 more minutes and only then use a fork to play around with the ruce to make sure the grains don’t stick to each other like long lost lovers . or something .


enjoy- the cooliflower.





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