My 7 days a week exercize routine- all for 30$ a month (!?)

Wait -please don’t jump on me shouting “what?? 7 days a week?? what about rest days? at least 2 of those every week!” and all that. I am well aware -and by the way, so should everyone be- over exercising is very bad for you- please consult with your physician before going about any exercise, and please remember my disclaimer here. I am no doctor and not certified in anything ( not entirely true- I am a lawyer -but that has nothing to do with the topic of exercise so).

My exercise routine is what my body endures at this moment. this can change any day -or even today for that matter.

I cannot sit quietly for long, my body loves to move, so after a lot of thinking, trial, and many errors, I understood that versatile mild exercise every day of the week is what my body reacts best to.

So If your body is different- and everybody’s body is different and even if your body is not different at all make your own choices and decisions– this is why we are born with that brain of ours- and we all know that owning something and not using it is not minimalistic. at all.

Back to the point:

I used to run quite a lot- I did 5 half marathons and the training for those was not easy on my body. my lower back showed signs of disagreement and I became sick with all kinds of flues and colds and whatnot.

Not acceptable.

Exercise is made to make you feel better not the opposite. so-finally a few years ago I understood I needed to find out what is good for me– at my age and physical condition.

*I am now 50 and in good condition. because I haven’t retired yet I will not enclose a picture of myself- but in my humble opinion I look good- and saying this is a true improvement for me- after having suffered from eating disorders throughout my youth, and years of being dissatisfied with how I looked (no matter how I actually looked- everybody has “good times bad times” as led zeppelin say- but for years- actually up until becoming vegan 5 years ago- I was never really pleased with the way I look.

Ok back to my exercise routine:

So lately I’ve found this great (and free!!!) app for vinyasa yoga. Click on the link and thank me later: down dog yoga app

This app has 2 lovely voice narrators- male and female (hi Carlos!) , 5 difficulty levels, 3 adjustment options ( focus on flexibility, on aerobic, and no focus) -for free- and I understand there are more options if you go pro- but I haven’t finished enjoying the free version yet .also there are a few options for the exercise itself- full yoga class- including warm-up and warm down, just the sequences and yoga flow- the hardcore no warm-up or down exercise. I tried only the whole class- I just really like it so why fix it if it ain’t broken? so to speak.

Get a mat and get ready to enjoy your workout-the app has yoga classes from 20 min to 90 min (!) choose what you like according to your day and situation.

so this is Sunday to Thursday.

Friday is my easy 4 to 5 k jogs. I need to keep my energy for cooking and cleaning afterwards and on the way I pick my flowers : Why I bring myself flowers every friday (and how I do it frugally!)

Saturday is my swimming day. this is the only exercise I do that costs me money- the admission fee to the pool is about 8 $ an entrance so around 32$ a month.I swim for an hour- 40 laps- 2 k.

I put great music on read why here- How Metallica stepped up my game at the pool this morning

*(this morning it was dio and Richie Blackmore with “rainbow”- go listen if you don’t know this rock-metal band: great music I promise. )

The thing is by the time I finish my post-swim shower I am famished. and I still have a 30-minute drive back home plus food prep time. ahhhhh the agony.

Well no more. I prepare ahead and freeze a protein shake: 1 frozen banana or apple,(here is an example- I know there are a few bananas here)


1 date ( again- I am aware there are more than one in this picture -just to show off these Medjool dates that’s all)


, 1/2 glass of soy milk, 1/2 glass of water, 1 scoop of vegan protein powder- 20180419_105122

this is the result. I add my homemade granola and flax seeds- and a spoon- and eat when I’m done showering.


I admit this is the only type of exercise that gets me that famished. the others get me hungry but not like a wolf. (oh come on- “Duran Duran”? 80’s?)

enjoy life and enjoy exercising- using your body is a great way to make you smile! (and therefore beautiful).

the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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